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Re-positioning of city hotel

To attract a larger share of the leisure market during the pandemic, we supported the owners of this small city hotel to re-position it and to adapt selected marketing and distribution processes to cater better to that market

Details of the project

>> Value created for our client
The hotel is now clearly positioned and has an adequate sales & marketing and distribution channel strategy to attract a higher proportion of leisure guests.

>> Our role
In a first step we analyzed strengths and weaknesses of the current positioning and identified a list of improvement measures. Those included areas in sales & marketing, infrastructure enhancement, as well as smaller product extensions.
In a second step we supported the team in the implementation of the improvement measures especially in the area of sales & marketing, distribution channel mix, and revenue management.

>> Where is the client now
Most of the suggested improvement measures are currently being implemented and support the further strengthening of the positioning.

Project in numbers







Corporate to Leisure Ratio

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