Tourism destination revitalization

Supporting a small alpine destination in Switzerland in revitalizing the tourism offering

>> Value created for our client
The various tourism stakeholders and service providers now have a step by step way forward to a renewed destination concept attracting new guest segments. The stakeholders can can roll out the plan independently at their speed and are therefore not dependent on additional support.

>> Our role
Jointly in our consultant consortia we have developed a tailored plan for the destination to revitalize their tourism assets. In a first step we included gastronomy offers, mountain infrastructure, and various accommodation offers in this plan.
In a second step we facilitated the communication between the stakeholders to find a common way forward and create endorsement from the local community and second home owners.
In a third step we were involved with raising money for the first step to get the execution started.

>> Where is the client now
Today the first steps of our plan have been carried out and the destination is looking toward finding a suitable manager for the restaurant.

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