We help hotels to make more money and to attract return guests


Profitability increase

We increase the efficiency of your hotel operation so the cost structure is leaner. As a result, the bottom line is increased and you can put aside enough money for necessary re-investments in the future. 

Service improvements

We ensure the guest experience on site is consistent and fits the expectation you have created in the market. We help you exceed guest expectations to improve reviews on social media and attract more return guests. 

Revenue increase

We ensure you charge the price guests are willing to pay for your promise. We help you effectively leverage your unique selling points so you tap the full revenue potential of your hotel.   


Hospitality Operators

We help hotel owners to get the most out of their investment



Asset diagnostics

We assess if the hotel operator taps into the full potential of the asset and manages the hotel effectively. We ensure the operator's business model is future-proof and recommend potential adjustments so your rent is secured in the future. 

Asset management

With our dashboard you have an overview of the hotel's KPIs to identify the risk of rent fall-out early. This allows you to take timely preventative measures and to reduce the risk of loss of money. 

Prevent rent fall-out

We design contractual mechanics that safeguard your rent payments during challenging times. Jointly we build a sustainable repayment plan for deferred rental payments. Like this we limit the risk of the hotel operator going bankrupt, the hotel closing, and you consequently losing the cash flow source entirely.   

Real estate investors