Gerry Romanescu

Gerry is a seasoned travel industry expert with a strong focus on customer experience and creating value for all stakeholders. In this capacity, he was in charge of large change management and transformation initiatives. He is used to engage with stakeholders on all levels, creating the desire to transform processes and change organizations to meet current and future needs.

In his role as Vice President Customer Care he reshaped the experience for 'high value passengers' of a global airline and with one of the largest online travel agents he drove a new experience for their customers.


His ability to engage with people on all levels and from different cultures was vital when delivering a the culture and values transformation initiative for one of the largest global consulting network. He worked with the executive management teams in over 30 countries, creating a common understanding of the purpose of the firm and its values. At the same time he engaged with government and private tourism destination organizations in Europe and the Middle East defining their positioning and how to attract matching visitor segments.  


Gerry has been a speaker to international travel conferences and he is in the advisory board of the tourism faculty of a university in Switzerland. In his hometown he is engaged as head of education in the city council.

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Work experience


Company: PwC Zurich, Switzerland​

Role: Director EMEA centre of excellence for tourism and hospitality


Company: PwC Zurich, Switzerland

Role: Director PwC Experience, Global Organisational

Development Initiative, PwC Global


Company: TransM AG 

Role: CMO

Company: ISG, Switzerland

Role: COO


Company:, Chicago, US

​​Role: Vice President Customer Care & Loyalty


Company: Sky Tours, Zurich, Switzerland

Role: Managing Director


Company: Swissair, Zurich, Switzerland

Role: Key Account Director/ VP Customer Care and Experience

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SKU Advanced Management certificate SKU/ HSG, Switzerland


Federal degree in Sales & Marketing (eidg. dipl. Verkaufsleiter), KLZ, Zurich, Switzerland