What we achieved for clients



Operational processes

Regional hotel chain in the Middle East


Value for client: The family run hotel operator now has a professional and best practice operation.  

Main activities: We assessed the operational processes of 40+ hotels throughout two countries. We restructured the company set up and professionalised the process framework to bring it to best practice. Additionally, we assessed and amended the governance structure. 


COVID-19 Support for hotel asset

Global asset and wealth manager


Value for client: The fund managers and hotel operator now agreed on realistic and sustainable rent payment in 2020 and 2021. Additionally, the parties agreed on a repayment schedule of deferred payments.

This allowed the fund managers to mitigate the risk of defaulting cash flows and the hotel operator to ensure survival of the operation. 

Main activities: Analyzing the operational performance and opportunities in the current market situation, we have identified a realistic and sustainable rent payment level for the next years. Additionally, we aligned interests of owner and operator by amending some contract mechanics. 


Investment & divestment strategy

Russian multi asset hotel operator


Value for client: The operator now runs a profitable business again.

Main activities: We developed the investment & divestment strategy for the 30+ property portfolio. The strategy was based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of all properties. Thereafter we prioritized the actions and recommended a way forward to increase profitability.